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mephisto 97.6 (July 27th 2007) E-mail
Mareike Gries introduces the F.L.O.B. at mephisto 97.6, the University of Leipzig's radio broadcasting station on July 26 th 2007: http://mephisto976.uni-leipzig.de/artikel,22456.html
(script in German)

Translation from http://mephisto976.uni-leipzig.de/artikel,22456.html
Have you ever wondered what Little Red Riding Hood has in common with Jesus? Or whether "The Hare" by Albrecht Dürer represents his kinky love towards his mother? If so, maybe you are already a reader of the literary journal FLOB. The journal is published three times a year and was founded by students from Leipzig interested in literature. Mareike Gries introduces you to this extraordinary journal.
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